Dorey-Monette Ind. Inc./ creator of Strong Theory Systems products / barbell 2.0 /promotional price: $499.00 (reg.$599). This price includes FREE SHIPPING (limited time). Lower 48 + Alaska. INSTAGRAM: strongtheory1 for videos. We do ship internationally. Submit your exact shipping address (via email) and we will give you a subsidized shipping quote. If AMAZON Customer, keyword is: Dorey Monette Industries Inc. Dorey-Monette Ind. Inc.: | 509 670 4147 | |

Strong Theory Systems products, now available, worldwide! Shipping now.

Dear Customers,

For those that have been waiting to buy on pre orders and for those new customers, just arriving on site, we are ready to ship 1) Strong Theory Bar -STB, $549.00 2) push up base stands [pair] $19.99.  3) removable, articulating, handles [pair] for STB $49.99 [allows your STB to be used for dynamic bent over rows, curls; whatever you can imagine! We look forward to a busy year and hope to see everyone at the varying shows we will be at. We'll post to the blog where we will be at.

Thanks so much to everyone for their patience.

Sam Ernst- CEO

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