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Barbell 2.0 (a Dorey-Monette Ind. Inc. product)


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  • It's a Barbell. Don't over think it. Simply takes the bad out and adds a lot of good.
  • Designed for upper body work only, but built to take years of punishment.
  • Not for squats or dead lifts (although we've seen 550lbs bouncing on it on Deads.)
  • Not a specialty bar. This is just the replacement to the good ol' standby for upper body.
  • Better overall pectoral recruitment; better Central Nervous System recruiter/complex movement.
  • Only requires about half the weight you normally lift WITH faster muscle exhaustion.
  • GEARED, GEARED and Balanced. Both handles are connected, via internal GEARS.
  • This bar is geared.  That's what makes it special. You can't see them, but they are THERE!
  • Always balanced. Allows user to push a bar like  hammerstrength machine arcs. 
  • Doesn't feel like a dumbbell. Feels more like freeweight hammerstrength machine. But not...
  • Rehab rotator cuffs and insertion point injuries.
  • Prevent rotator cuff and insertion point injuries.
  • Drop the Ego, lower the weight and still makes strength AND size gains, even in rehab.
  • The motion is not reproducible: dumbbells, machines...nothing feels like Barbell 2.0.
  • (Each handle) rated to 562lbs (1124lbs total) dynamic load, 793lbs (1586 total) static; . Seriously overbuilt components. Total bar rating now 600 lbs (upper body exercises only).
  • 3 Internal Gears.
  • Each handle contains 120, self lubricating bearings (240 total!).
  • E=MS(squared):     Energy=Mass x Strong Theory (squared).
  • See Instagram name: strongtheory1 for hundreds of demo videos.
  • Facebook: Strong Theory Systems
Barbell 2.0 (weight:47lbs); Intended as the replacement for the Barbell.  It is a bold statement.  Many IFBB pros and weightlifters, including Mr. Olympia, rarely use the Barbell for bench pressing due to injuries sustained by it, or fear of recurrence.  Barbell 2.0 promotes stronger/more complete recruitment of the pectorals (or delts if military).  Faster mass building/better symmetry. Less chance for injury: in fact, it can be used therapeutically to revitalize damaged rotator cuffs or humerus insertion point injuries.  Simply put, for muscle building, there is no reason to use the historical barbell for said exercise.  This is barbell 2.0. 

Bench press, military press.  With accessory handles, Barbell 2.0 can also be used for bent over rows, curls and other imaginative exercises our customers have come up with.

Neither is it a Dumbbell.  Dumbbells recruit MANY other muscles besides the pectorals when doing bench press, this is why the bench press has always traditionally been the go to for chest development.  Barbell 2.0 looks like a traditional barbell- because it is!  Except, you not only have to push the bar up, but the multi geared and engineered, joined handles, must be pushed in and out.  Compound movements have proven to be superior for muscle building.  The affect/effect, on the pectorals (or delts, when doing military), is astonishing.   Complete recruitment of the pectoral muscle complex, with quicker, more pronounced muscle exhaustion, is what a complex movement should provide and what the Barbell 2.0 delivers.



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